Angling Security

Package Features

  • Warning Alert in 15 Seconds – Know Before it’s Gone!
  • Satellite Tracking to Recover Stolen Tackle
  • Small & Easy to Conceal
  • No Additional Software Required
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Recharge Monthly
  • No Tracking Subscriptions – Just a SIM Card


Fast Alert

Tackle Tracker is a wireless, portable early warning and GNSS tracking device. Once armed with it’s uniquely coded key fob, our device will send an alert to your Smartphone within approximately 15 seconds of anyone disturbing your equipment. 

Tackle Tracker then utilises GPS & GLONASS satellites to send an updated location to your smartphone every 30 seconds

Prevent Theft

This provides you with a unique opportunity to prevent the theft from occurring.

If thief tries to search your luggage for a Tackle Tracker an alert would be triggered within seconds by the inbuilt accelerometer.

All alerts are sent by SMS, Tackle Tracker only requires a SIM to operate.

In a recent survey of over 3000 anglers conducted by Fishtec, a shocking 30% had been a victim of tackle theft. As keen anglers we spend a fortune on our equipment and until now there has been very little we could do to protect it from theft.

If a criminal tried to steal your fishing tackle, what would you consider the value of receiving an alert within 15 seconds ?

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“This will change the face of tackle theft. There has never been a better way of protecting your tackle”
Dave Levy
Mainline Carp Angler of the Year
“Brilliant bit of kit and a “no brainer” if you’ve got a few quids worth of tackle!! Well done chaps on such a great product”
Dean Macey
Olympian & Angler
“I was so impressed by the Tackle Tracker demonstration at the Carpin’ On show that I have got one to protect my kit”
Ben Wales
Carp Talk Magazine
Very impressed! The whole experience I would rate 10/10. I ordered the Tackle Tracker, including SIM. The sales process was very simple. The delivery was exceptionally fast. Set up was simple - all good first time round! My test of my product was 100% correct/accurate. The real big plus to this product is the early warning of vechicle/equipment being moved, so you can be straight on the case rather than knowing several hours, days later..... so many times you see my ???? was stolen, sometime between ??:?? & ??:??. This tracker tells you immediately. Recommended.