Q: What is a GNSS tracker and how does it differ from a GPS tracker?

A: GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System and is an umbrella term that encompasses all global satellite positioning systems throughout the world, including GPS. Tackle Tracker uses a high-sensitivity receiver and is able to use all available positional satellites, not just the American GPS satellites that most other tracking devices use. This results in more accurate tracking.

Q: I have seen other tracking company websites where customers have to pay a yearly fee or buy position credits to use their device.  Is Tackle Tracker the same?

A: No, with Tackle Tracker all alerts are sent by SMS. You need an active Sim card in the Tackle Tracker and a Smartphone with a data plan or WiFi (to display Google Maps) for the device to function. The location of your Tackle Tracker is displayed in Google Maps and requires no additional software. We recommend and supply multi-network contract Sim’s, rather than PAYG Sim’s, to minimise the chances of missing alerts due to network or credit issues.

Q: Will my Tackle Tracker work inside a building?

A: Tackle Tracker will usually report a position even when inside a building. If you select the TT Sim, Tackle Tracker will send alerts if ‘any’ of the UK networks have coverage in its current location. To receive an alert your smartphone must also have a network signal from your chosen provider.

Q: Why do you recommend the TT multi-network Sim card rather than those from the major networks?

A: The TT Sim card has access to all of the UK mobile networks for only £3.99 line rental per month and SMS alerts priced at just 8p each anywhere in the EU. It offers remarkable value and there is no better available coverage in the UK.

With a single network Sim there is a bigger risk of missed alerts due to individual network issues (see below). With a Pay As You Go Sim there is also the risk of missing alerts due to expiring or exhausted credit.

Q: Can I use my own SIM card?

A: Yes, you can use a Sim card of your choice but please bear in mind that, whilst your preferred mobile network might provide adequate coverage for much of the time there are occasions where, due to your location, your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable (not-spots).

Our Sim solves these problems. The technology provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all UK mobile networks to find the strongest signal, regardless of location, to give you the best possible coverage when you need it most.

Q: What are the ongoing costs of protecting my equipment with Tackle Tracker?

A: There are no ongoing charges for the Tackle Tracker itself.

The TT Sim provider is based in the Channel Islands and your network provider may charge you for any SMS sent to the TT Sim. Please check your network provider for charges relating to SMS sent to 07452 numbers..  The initial set up of the Tackle Tracker requires as few as 2 SMS to be sent and therefore, set up costs should be minimal. We recommend all ‘arming’ and ‘disarming’ commands should be sent using the included Tackle Tracker remote key fob.

The TT Sim contract is priced at just £3.99 per month plus 8p per SMS alert.

Location data is displayed in Google Maps and will use your mobile phone data plan.

The first 12 months SmartWater licence is included within your Tackle Tracker package. After 12 months, SmartWater will contact you regarding renewing your licence for a further 12 months at a discounted price of just £15.99 (rrp £19.20). This fee is payable directly to SmartWater.  Please see http://www.smartwater.com for terms and conditions.

Q: How will I know when the Tackle Tracker battery needs charging?

A: Tackle Tracker will alert you when the battery requires charging. The first alert will be sent to preserve optimum tracking performance in the event of a theft. The second alert is sent when the battery is low. At this point Tackle Tracker will still alert you in the event of a theft and will track your equipment for a short time only. However we recommend a top up charge every month for optimum performance.

Q: Is the Tackle Tracker package only suitable for protecting my fishing tackle?

A: Absolutely not, Tackle Tracker offers a fantastic package for protecting any valued possessions or assets.

Q: Can I use my Tackle Tracker abroad?

A: Tackle Tracker will work worldwide. Check service limitations and costs with your Sim card provider and mobile phone network provider before using abroad. The TT SMS SIM is activated to work throughout the EU, but would require addition permissions to be loaded to work beyond the EU.

Q: Is my Tackle Tracker waterproof?

A: No. Tackle Tracker will not be damaged by condensation or a small amount of splashing but should never be submerged in water.