Tackle Tracker Package Available with Initial Payment

From £60.00

tickProactive – Direct Alert Within Seconds 

tickGNSS Satellite Tracking 

tickArm/Disarm by Uniquely Coded Key Fob

tickTT SMS SIM – Utilise every UK Network (Option)

tickUp to 9 Months Battery Life Between Charges

tickU.K Designed, Manufactured & Supported

tick2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

tick30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Please note Tackle Tracker Packages no longer contain SmartWater

Spread the cost of protecting your equipment – interest free Pay just £60 today followed by 4 monthly payments of £17 (0% APR) SEE T&C


  • Wireless and Portable
  • Setup and working in seconds
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Fully compatible with Google Maps
  • No additional software is required
  • No Yearly monitoring costs – just SMS 

Our pro-active device will send an SMS alert, straight to your phone within approximately 15 seconds of any disturbance or movement. 

Once ‘tripped’ by the slightest disturbance, Tackle Tracker sends frequent location updates to assist the police in locating and recovering your equipment. 

In the event of a theft you can request a mobile phone number from the police and instruct your Tackle Tracker to send location alerts straight to it.

Police officers acknowledge that supplying them with tracking/location data as early as possible gives you the best possible chance of receiving police assistance when you need it. 

Tackle Tracker is suitable for a wide range of applications where there is no available permanent external power source.

When you wish to move your own equipment, simply disarm the Tackle Tracker with it’s uniquely coded key fob.

There are no subscriptions required. All alerts are sent by SMS and Tackle Tracker only requires a SIM card to operate. You can use any SIM of your choice. 

We do offer our own TT SMS SIM which utilises every U.K mobile network to provide the most reliable coverage for alerts. As a 30 day rolling contract, you are never tied in for long periods and never have to worry about your credit running out or expiring.  Our TT SMS SIM package offers additional peace of mind and fantastic value at just £3.99 per month plus 8p per alert. Alerts while travelling in over 30 E.U countries are also fixed at the same low price as U.K alerts.


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Multi Network SIM

TT SMS SIM – The peace of mind that your Tackle Tracker can utilise every UK network to send alerts.

The technology used by the TT SMS SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing every UK mobile network, to find the strongest signal, regardless of location, to give the best possible coverage when you need it most. 


E.U Roaming Alerts 

With the TT SMS SIM alerts sent from within the EU are priced the same as within the UK.


TT SMS SIM Package

£3.99 Per month payable monthly in advance and collected from your account on or around the monthly anniversary of your purchase. Plus 8p Per SMS alert payable monthly in arrears.  You will receive an email notification each month confirming the total payment before any Direct Debits are processed by your bank (£3.99 plus SMS charges). As Tackle Tracker sends very few SMS, unless a theft occurs, running costs will be minimal if used correctly.


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Q: Why do you recommend the TT SMS SIM rather than those from individual networks?

A: The TT SMS SIM utilises every UK mobile network for just £3.99 per month plus 8p per SMS alert in over 30 countries throughout the EU. 

With a single network SIM there is a bigger risk of missed alerts due to coverage issues. With a Pay As You Go SIM there is also the risk of missing alerts due to expired or exhausted credit.

Q: Can I use a different SIM card rather than the TT SMS SIM?

A: Yes, you can use a SIM card of your choice but please bear in mind that, whilst your preferred mobile network might provide coverage for much of the time there are occasions where, due to your location, your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable (not-spots). Our SIM solves these problems. The technology provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing every UK mobile network, to find the strongest signal, regardless of location, to give you the best possible coverage when you need it most. With PAYG SIM cards there is also a risk of missing alerts due to expired or exhausted credit.

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