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How does Tackle Tracker work?

At Tackle Tracker we offer devices which can be used as a wireless or wired/externally powered tracking device. They are therefore a fantastic security device for; Cars, Vans, Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans, Motorbikes, Fishing Tackle, Horse Boxes, Tools, Plant Machinery, Trailers, Boats (when on land), Sports Equipment, Motocross Bikes, Musical Instruments; the list is endless.

Measuring just 90 x 44 x 12mm Tackle Tracker is small and light enough to be concealed in any number of places. Our wireless kit is very easy to install. If used as a wireless tracking device simply top up the battery charge every month or so which will take less than an hour.

Once armed, Tackle Tracker will be ‘tripped’ by any disturbance or movement, Tackle Tracker then sends frequent location updates to assist in locating and recovering your equipment.  With our wired device, should you ever forget to arm your Tackle Tracker or just want to check on its location, you can do so by sending it a single SMS.

In the event of a theft you can request a mobile phone number from the police and instruct your Tackle Tracker to send location alerts straight to the police phone.

Police officers acknowledge that supplying them with tracking/location data as early as possible gives you the best possible chance of receiving police assistance when you need it. 

When you wish to move your own equipment, simply disarm the Tackle Tracker with it’s uniquely coded key fob.

There are no subscriptions required. All alerts are sent by SMS and Tackle Tracker only requires a SIM card to operate. You can use any SIM of your choice (Except SIM’s from the 3 network). 

We offer our own TT SMS SIM which utilises every U.K mobile network to provide the most reliable coverage for alerts. As a 30 day rolling contract, you are never tied in for long periods and never have to worry about your credit running out or expiring.  Our TT SMS SIM package offers additional peace of mind and fantastic value at just £3.99 per month plus 8p per alert. Alerts while travelling in over 30 E.U countries are also fixed at the same low price as U.K alerts.